The Story of Bolon

In early 2014 I was part of a pitch team winning the prestigious client Bolon. Bolon is a Swedish company producing vinyl floors in an innovative and artistic way, they are recognized all over the globe and have been awarded multiple times for their design astethics. They have a wast list of clients, among them are Adidas, Skype, Microsoft, Google and Red Bull. Our first mission as their new digital agency was to help them reinvent their digital platform and transform it to a useful tool for their consumers.

Client: Bolon   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2014   Role: Lead Art Director


Multiple Target Audiences

Our mission was to increase the business, create a tool for the users and in this also keep the aspiration of the Bolon brand while keeping a high level of design and attention to details. After performing multiple workshops and study groups with the target audience we realized they were very split and had different interests in Bolon. We had of course the Architects as the main consumers of the floors but we also had to consider the carpenters, decorators and designers and the end users that actually walked on the floors. Our main insight was the same for all, there was a big uncertainty in how the floors worked and performed - being made of nylon. This was one challenge the platform needed to answer to.


"One Visit Makes It All"

Our vision was that we wanted the visitor to get a very good understanding of the floors from just one visit. From design, requirements off installation, to how to keep the floors clean. So we decided to put the product in main focus and make it the star. Together with the UX team we created "hero"-sites where we told everything about the product. The story, the design choices, the installation requirements, the environmental information and the cleaning. And of course how to order samples and get in contact with a local Bolon reseller. In this way one visit to a floors ”hero”-site should be sufficient to get a complete understanding of the floors and Bolon. And around this strategy we built the whole site.


Small Team, Big Impact

My role in this was as Lead Art Director and with a small team I had a big part in winning the pitch. From there my responsibility grew into maintaining the client. I worked with UX specialist, designers and developers to build the platform making sure it answered up to the clients brief, strategy and high level of design and quality according to the Bolon brand. I also led several workshops both with the client and target audiences as well as leading presentations for the client taking them from concept to final product.


Workshops & More Projects

From this project I learnt a lot, I grew with the responsibilities I had as lead and enjoyed working with a skilled team. The insights from leading workshops with both client and the different target audiences gave me deep understandings about the product and challenges in particular, which was useful through the project. The workshops also gave me great understanding about group dynamics and how to find multiple insight and generate loads of ideas.

Bolon was a successful project and later grew into different interesting projects for Ottoboni such as the Bolon Studio and Bolon By You.

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