The Handbag Hero

Our misson as L’Oréal Paris digital agency was to launch the new 75 ml sized hairspray bottle of Elnett, a much smaller and handier bottle, in all nordic countries. But more importantly to rejuvenate the well known Elnett brand and target a completely new and much younger target audience. We needed to find a way to enter their world and their conversations to be considered as an option.

Client: L'Oréal Paris   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2016   Role: Creative Director


Ways To Enter the Conversations

In our research and planning we realized that the smaller product was very handy and would by all means be appreciated as it’s easy to take with you in for example your handbag. We also found an interesting phenomena where girls on the internet often photographed the contents of their bags showing each other what they carry around during the days, #Whatsinmybag. In this we also found a simliar movement in #thingsorganizedneatly. We learned how important the handbag actually was for a young woman in her everyday life.


For The Love of Handbags

Our idea was to enter these conversations by combining three things: a womans love for handbags, the #whatsinmybag trend and the 75 ml Elnett hairspray. So we did some research on which was the most popular handbag on the market, teamed up with YSL and created the Handbag Hero concept. The strategy was  to create a competition where you took a picture of your bag and it’s contents and simply hashtagged it with #elnett #inmybag to enter the competition with the grand prize of a really exclusive YSL handbag.


Collaborations & Influencers

The campaign had a solid rollout strategy where we of course focused most on getting traction in social media. Being really Instagram focused we complemented that channel with bought ads both on Instagram and Facebook as well as display banners and re-targeting. And to really have a strong presence we teamed up with influencers and bloggers in each country to do their own posts. Print media and a strong in store presence were also an important part of the mix. 


User Generated Content With High Aesthetics

The campaign was a success and really popular among the young target audience. The combination of an exciting prize and a recognizable format made it possible for the Elnett brand to enter a conversation where they never had been before. The concept was aslo much appreciated internally with the client. The client also got loads of user generated content with an overall high aesthetics with added value to the Elnett and L’Oréal brand.

My role in this was as Creative Director for the account leading the process from briefing to final product. I worked with creating the social media strategy, keeping the client dialogue and seeing to the design, copy and development. I also had a tight dialogue and relationship with the media- and traditional agency creating the media mix. For me this was not a simple contest (pestering the internet) but a smart way of using existing conversations, interesting collaborations and a solid media mix to put a product into the life of young women all over the Nordics. 

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