The Modern Classicist

In early 2011 I started a fashion/lifestyle blog for men with daily inspiration. The blog, Suit Up or Die, quickly got traction and grew in both popularity and in traffic. With a couple of thousand visitors per day and being a huge believer in teamwork I decided to team up with some talented people to try to build this thing in to something bigger. I wanted to try to create something completely new.

Client: Own Project   Agency: N/A   Year: 2012   Role: Co-Founder/Creative


Design, Code & Content

Our insight was that nobody talked about sartorial mens fashion in a smart and exciting way digitally. There were of course some blogs, e-commerce sites and some fashion magazines that just hadn’t adapted into the digital ways fully (remember this was still in 2011). So the idea grew that we should combine our talents with the elements from the blog and create a digital lifestyle magazine for men in a completely new and innovative way.


Worldwide Collaboration

We realized early on that we couldn't create all that we needed for the magazine ourselves (and with no budget) so we reached out to the tons of connections that the Suit Up or Die blog had generated. People were happy to pitch in from Stockholm to New York and all the way from Dubai. Among one of the contributors was the Danish artist Sergei Sviatchenko that we had featured on the blog earlier. With the collaborations in place we set out to plan, design and build our new magazine.


A Brand Was Born

The result blew us away. Literally. The servers crashed. But we quickly got them up again and from being recognized mainly in the Nordics now Suit Up or Die was suddenly recognized in London, Milan, New York and even in Hong Kong. With a bit more than 200 000 visitors (or readers as we prefer to call them) we crowned the magazine with a ”Site of the Day” from Awwwards. We all felt that the project was a great achievement, and all done with 0€ in budget.


But Oh, So Rewarding

This is yet today one of the most challenging projects that I have ever worked with. My role in this was initiator, creative director, coordinator and designer. It gave me great understanding about the complexity of running big projects and also how to keep a team together across the globe. I learned a lot pushing my limits forward both in design and digital knowledge. Till this day I'm still very grateful to everyone who helped out realizing this project. 

Special mentions to Oscar Svenäng, Martin Sörensson and Sergei Sviatchenko.

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