Makeup Genius Launch

As the digital agency for L’Oréal Paris Nordic it was our job to launch the successful Makeup Genius app. The app that let you try on makeup in real time (it’s insane, try it) was a real addition to the L’Oréal brand value and the years most prioritized and anticipated launch. The app had been greatly appreciated on the other markets and the benchmark was Germany which had the most downloads at the time. So we needed to create awareness about the app and get those downloads.

Client: L'Oréal Paris   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2015   Role: Creative Director


Honest Reactions

Our insight was based on how people reacted when they tried the app, especially the first time. Seeing the makeup on yourself in real time was exciting and innovative. So we decided that we needed to show the reactions and through that create awareness and an interest for the app. We also needed the reactions to feel honest so we decided to use real people from the nordic countries and micro influencers.

Makeup Genius - Linda Hallberg Demo

Real People & Local Bloggers

We recorded teasers with real people and bloggers for each country where we just showed the reactions of them using the app for the first time. Then we created a demo movie with the popular blogger and makeup artist Linda Hallberg and it was all hosted on an insanely good looking website. In addition to this we collaborated with the blogger networks and e-retailers, we also created a solid social media strategy for the campaign and followed up the whole thing with re-targeting media.


100% Over Target

The launch was an instant success, the target audience really reacted and engaged with the content created and along with that the downloads followed. We managed to engage 6.000.000+ consumers with the campaign and reached over 1.400.000 people via ambassador bloggers. The app was downloaded 400.000 times in just the two months – making Makeup Genius the most downloaded app in both App Store and Google Play in the makeup section. At the end of the campaign we reached over 600.000 downloads which was 100% over target and making the nordics the most successful Makeup Genius launch in the world.

Makeup Genius Launch - Case Film

Role & Learnings

My role on this campaign was as Creative Director for the account leading the team in creating the initial idea, strategy and rollout plan. I managed the presentations and dialogues with the client making sure their expectations where met as well as seeing to the storyboards and shooting of the films (filmed by the awesome people at Rebels Studios). I also had the responsibility in seeing that the content, design and copy created were on high level and that all details were considered. I had a close collaboration with the media agency to ensure that the blogger cooperations where in line. This project gave me tons and tons of experience, as always when working with one of the worlds biggest beauty brands.

For me this campaign was a success and great fun to work with and the biggest learning was how powerful and trustworthy real peoples reactions and words are, especially in social media. To top it of the campaign got an
Honorable Mention from Awwwards and was nominated and finished third in the Swedish Design Awards. 

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