KappAhl Rebranded

 KappAhl, a well known clothing chain from Sweden with roughly 400 stores throughout northern Europe, decided they needed to up their game and take a bet on the growing e-commerce market. They also wanted a renovation for their brand identity and stores. Together with a technical partner our mission was to help Kappahl implement the new brand and build an e-commerce site, that was not only working good, but was also ready for future challenges.

Client: KappAhl   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2014   Role: Lead Art Director


Grids & Screen Sizes

We quickly realized that we needed to get the KappAhl site ready for all kinds of devices and screens. Creating a seamless customer journey throughout a purchase on mobile devices was crucial and our first priority. Together with the UX department we started to research, plan and prototype different solutions to create a solid foundation for the new site.


Implementing Good Looks

Our work was not only to create smooth sailing customer journeys but also making it look good. The new graphic brand platforms was created by the London based agency Dalziel & Pow and it was now our job to apply their design to the digital world. We felt that we really wanted to honor their work and implement it as good as we possibly could in to the grid and groundwork that we had created.


Good Working, Good Looking

Our mission to create a 1.0 version of the new KappAhl e-commerce site and implement the new brand was met. My role in this as Lead Art Director included making sure the new KappAhl brand was implemented and the technical aspect as well as the design expectations were met. I worked closely with the UX team, design team and front end. I also worked a lot with presenting strategies, wireframes, design and also educating the client in the new ways of thinking and the challenges in creating content for multiple screens and devices.


My Learnings

It was an extreme challenge in implementing the new brand and keeping the design and UX together and at the same time keeping the five agencies involved. The project gave me lots of experience, great understanding for the role of User Experience and also the role of different agencies in a big project like this. My biggest learning I think was the challenges of getting a client to work and think in completely new ways. The new brand and site for KappAhl was a big step for them and a good ground work to grow their digital endeavors from.

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