Drops Training Club

Nordic Wellness, one of Swedens biggest gym chains, gave us the mission to increase the number of members. More importantly they wanted us to find a way to keep the members for a longer time and increase their loyalty. In addition to this they also needed to differentiate their communication from their competitors. In a world where gym chains talk pricing and location Nordic Wellness simply needed to add value to their brand and offer.

Client: Nordic Wellness   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2014   Role: Art Director


Hard Work, Sweat & Tears

Starting to work with this an insight dawned upon us; no one but you really gives you credit for all that work you put in at the gym. All the hours of hard work, pain and sweat - shouldn’t someone at least give you a pat on the back? What if Nordic Wellness could take that role, be the one to cheer you on as you go and give you a high five after your training session? What if Nordic Wellness could reward existing members, challenge co-workers and trigger new members in to a healthier life?


Gamification & Smart Phones

We decided to create a gamification based system connected to the IT-infrastructure of Nordic Wellness, tracking all check-ins, workouts and classes at the gyms. For each session we awarded points that we named Drops. Each Drop brought you closer to an achievement, unlocking of a badge and a treat from Nordic Wellness. You could even train yourself to a monthly discount in the gym stores and at selected partners. We knew that a majority of the target audience used their smartphones before, during and right after their visits to the gym so we put the whole system into an app to be as close to the members everyday life as possible.


Healthier & Happier

The app was a success among the members. Fitting in the schedules and booking functionality to the Drops app really made it an important tool for the members. Drops quickly spread in social media with the members showing of their progress and level, making them great ambassadors for the brand. Suddenly Nordic Wellnes had more to communicate than just prize and location. Not only did we create ambassadors and an added value to the Nordic Wellness brand, we also increased the training frequency among the members with 13% and reduced number of canceled memberships with a massive 22%. Which made the project a great return of investment.

Nordic Wellness Drops - Casefilm

Role & Learnings

My role in this project was as initiator to the concept, working creatively with the team to bring it from concept to approved project in a pitch-like way. During the production of the app I was serving as a sounding board for the team and also running workshops and focus groups on how to develop and improve the app further. In this project I got a lot of different experience and my biggest learning was how to put everything together, connecting a good idea to a booking system and a IT-infrastructure, calculating a gamification system to roll out the app and create awareness in social media.

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