Beat The Mountain 360°

Only 1 out of 10 men use male specific skincare products for their face. So our mission was to launch the new Hydra Power for L’Oréal Men Expert. With such an unpenetrated market L’Oréal Men Expert saw a huge potential in growing the segment. So our mission was to create awareness among non-users about skincare and recruit new costumers for the Hydra Power range.

Client: L'Oréal Men Expert   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2016   Role: Creative Director


Sports & Tech

In our research for insights we found that the target audience wasn’t aware of the benefits of using skincare products. But when presented to it they considered themselves potential users. The problem was to reach them with the message of the products and new launch. We also found that the men, especially younger men, were often interested in all kinds of sports and/or new and exciting technology. So our idea was to try to combine these aspects and tie them together with the product USP (Hydra Power contains real mountain water) and benefits in an entertaining way.

Beat The Mountain 360° - Behind The Scenes (My 15 seconds of fame)

A Pro Skier, Six GoPro’s
& Cardboards

So our idea was to shoot a skier going down a massive mountain in the new 360° format to both connect it to the mountains but also to new technology. To bring a bit of interaction and gamification to the experience we hid four digits in the film. A code that you could use to get a discount on the Hydra Power series at selected resellers (if you were able to find it). All we needed was a helmet with six go pro’s and a skier crazy enough to do this. We partnered up with the awseome people at Cocoa to custom build a helmet, signed the olympic skier AJ Kemppainen and produced the whole 360° experience.


Interactive & Engaging 

The campaign had a digtial first approach including: 360° film, behind-the-scenes film, social media content, campaign site with the code function, bought media, cardboard-PR-sendouts, e-commerce co-operations and in-store activations. The mix and the 360°-film proved to be a hit. People were loving it and were really engaged in the social channels sharing and tagging each other. Our main KPI’s were views and engagement and with over 1 million views on the 360°-film within 2 weeks the campaing was a success and much appreciated by the client.

*Note, the campaign is still live and all results are not accounted for as of yet.

Beat The Mountain 360° - Find The Code (360° doesn't work in all browsers, Chrome ftw).

My Role & Learnings

My role in this campaign was as Creative Director for the account, leading the team in creating the initial idea, strategy and rollout plan. I also managed the presentations and dialogues with the client making sure their expectations where met, as well as seeing to the storyboards and shooting of the films (thank you Cocoa). I also had the responsibility in seeing to that the design, development and copy created were on high level and that all details were considered. I also had a close collaboration with the media agency to ensure that the media plan was supporting the strategy and achieving the set KPI’s.

This project gave so much experience and I had loads of fun doing it (I even learned to ski eventually). My main learning was how challenging it is using new technologies but also how rewarding it is in the end seeing people react and interact in a positive way.

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