Be The Masterpiece

The mascara launches are always important launches for L’Oréal Paris because they stand for such a big part of the revenue each year. So this new mascara, which focused on the ongoing makeup trend of sculpting, was a real important launch for us. Since we also were scheduled to launch before the international concept and assets from Paris were created it was up to us to come up with and produce the whole campaign from scratch.

Client: L'Oréal Paris   Agency: Ottoboni   Year: 2016   Role: Creative Director


Influencers Not Celebs

Our insight told us that we needed to use influencers closer to the target audience, not using celebrities or famous models to get their trust. So our strategy was to use local bloggers and local influencers to create awareness around this new kind of mascara. But also equally important we needed to educate the consumers on how it was used and how to work with several products to create the trending sculpted eye look.

Sculpt Your Eyes, Be the Masterpiece - Hero Film

Spirit Of Paris With A Scandinavian Twist

Our idea for the concept really came from the product name. We wanted to connect the Sculpt mascara to artistry, to museums and sculptures. And we wanted to put the consumer as centerpiece and empower them. Simply, they where the master piece. To stay true to the L’Oréal Paris brand we needed a lot of sophistication in the artwork but to connect it to the consumers we needed to find a Scandinavian twist to the production. Using local bloggers we shot a ”hero" film and tutorials creating different looks with the Sculpt mascara in an artistic scenery.


Pure Digital

The campaign was launched as pre-rolls on web tv, in the bloggers own network and followed up with display banners and re-targeting. Social media also played a key role in the media mix where Facebook and Instagram were the huge performers of the campaign. The launch quickly got traction and the new sculpting looks where widely debated and created lot’s of engagement.

Sculpt Your Eyes, Be the Masterpiece - Tutorial with Tsutsumi Hoang

My Role & Learnings

My role in on this campaign was as Creative Director for the account leading the team in creating the initial idea, strategy and rollout plan. I managed the presentations and dialogues with the client along the production of the campaign, making sure their expectations were met. I worked closely together with the production agency (the amazing crew at Cocoa) creating the concept, storyboard and shooting of the films. It was my responsibility to see to that the design, copy and campaign site was at high level and that all details were considered. I also had a close collaboration with the media agency to ensure that the blogger cooperations and media was aligned to the strategy and rollout plan. 

I think this campaign ended up being beautifully executed and it was widely appreciated by the client and recognized by the head office in Paris. We also got an
Honorable Mention from Awwwards to top it of. My biggest learning in this was creating and shooting the films while maintaining the brand spirit but still applying the Scandinavian touch to it, which I think we succeeded with.

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